Get Some “Decker Dirt” by Organic Crop Solutions

Family owned and operated. Established 2005. Based in Brooksville, Mississippi.

Farmers, Gardeners, Yard Care Enthusiasts — Anyone Interested in Soil Health — if you’re looking for a great product for a potting medium or want a natural compost for your farm or yard, contact Organic Crop Solutions today and get some “Decker Dirt.”

Decker Dirt by Organic Crop Solutions

Organic Crop Solutions is the sole producer of Decker Dirt, our proprietary blend of organically composted soil. Decker Dirt is ideal for farmers, gardeners and plant nurseries. Providing superior soil fertility, it’s also great for use as a lawn fertilizer, plant bedding and potting soil.

Decker Dirt is rich in nutrients vital to plant life and solves a variety of soil fertility issues critical for proper yard care, seed starting and transplanting plants. Many who use raised beds and square foot gardening techniques have found Decker Dirt well suited for their applications — virtually eliminating the need for synthetic garden fertilizers. Others who have had problems with water retention and soil irrigation have benefited by mixing Decker Dirt into their existing soil.

Other Services by Organic Crop Solutions

In addition, Organic Farm Solutions provides a range of other products and services including:

  • Bagged, composted gin trash
  • Irrigation water sampling
  • Soil EC mapping for soil zone identification

We also offer personalized soil solutions. Call Kenton Decker at 662-788-2116 for details.

Decker Dirt label

What is Decker Dirt?

Decker Dirt is made on site using our special blend of organic compost, natural compost, gin trash, compost tea and humus.

Nature is Our friend!

That’s more than a tagline, it’s how Organic Crop Solutions operates.